Tamil Nadu: Customs seizes drugs worth over Rs 100 crore in Pudukottai

border tax department on Monday said its sleuths have seized hashish and ganja worth more than Rs 100 crore from Tamil Nadu’s Pudukottai district, PTI reports.

According to PTI, officials of the Tiruchirappalli Customs Preventive Commissionerate made the seizure from a shed located at a prawn farm in Mimisal village.

A post on the official ‘X’ handle of Tiruchirappalli Customs (Preventive) area said the seizure was made based on information.

It said that after receiving information that a huge quantity of drugs like hashish and ganja were kept in a shed located at the prawn farm “for smuggling from India to Sri Lanka”, officers reached the spot.

“The shed was thoroughly examined and 48 bags filled with contraband substances like hashish and ganja were recovered. Since there was no electricity supply in the shed, the contraband was taken to the nearby customs office. After testing It was found that the goods were drugs The news agency reported on Monday that 100 kg of hashish was worth Rs 110 crore and 876 kg of dry ganja was worth Rs 1.05 crore.

Recently, 99 kg of hashish worth about Rs 108 crore was seized from the state mandapam.

In another incident last week, the Airport Special Cargo Commissionerate, Mumbai Customs Zone-III recovered 447 grams of marijuana imported from Thailand and arrested an accused involved in the import on Tuesday, an official said, news agency ANI reported. Arrested him.

According to Mumbai Customs officials, the marijuana was hidden inside a pressure washer, reports ANI.

Earlier this month, while cracking down on smuggling, Mumbai airport customs officials stopped an Indian national coming from Dubai and seized gold jewellery, rhodium coins and iPhones, according to an official statement, ANI reported. Including a huge quantity of contraband seized.

The passenger was carrying five pieces of 24 karat gold jewellery, three rhodium-plated coins and cut pieces of wire weighing a total of 215.00 grams (net). Two iPhones (Pro 128 GB) were also recovered from the person’s possession.

According to officials, “Gold jewelery was found hidden on the body of the passenger; while pieces of gold cut wire were hidden in Amul butter, hankies and clothes. On the other hand, iPhones were hidden in a handbag,” Border. duty officials said, ANI reported.

In another case, Mumbai Customs seized over 3.03 kg of gold worth Rs 1.66 crore in ten separate cases over four days at the city’s international airport.

The airport commissionerate of Mumbai Customs found gold hidden in places like aircraft seats, body cavities of passengers, a washroom, butter packets, handkerchiefs and other clothes of passengers between March 1 and 4, Mumbai Customs zone. -III posted on his. Official X handle. While checking the luggage of suspected passengers, officials found gold hidden in small packets of butter, handkerchiefs and other clothes, officials said.

(With PTI and ANI inputs)