Terry Robinson obituary and cause of death, know what happened to Terry Robinson?

Terry Robinson was not well known to the public, but to those who knew him, he was a symbol of love, strength and dedication. His untimely death in September 2023 put the spotlight on family ties, relationships between loved ones, and community involvement. This article aims to address these issues by providing information about TERI’s commitments, impact in his locality, etc.

Terry Robinson What was HTML0?

Terry Robinson was a father, husband and grandfather who lived an extraordinary life. His roles both at home and abroad defined his existence and left an indelible mark on those close to him. Throughout his lifetime he created memories that will live long in people’s memories.

family relations

His marriage to Lucy Robinson was a symbol of love and respect for each other. Together they built a life full of memories, raising their children Mike and Tina and watching their grandchildren grow.

Mike, who is married to Liz, shares a special bond with Terry. It is reminiscent of the father and son duo who play multiple roles including confidant, friend and guide. Tina had a special relationship with her father. Tina Bond was married to Tim Bond and often relied on her father for advice, support or a comforting embrace.

Terry’s five grandchildren, Dylan, Naomi Tanner Teigen and Taytum, were a source of joy and hope beyond their immediate family. Terry held a special place for each of his grandchildren and played an important role in their early years.

a community pillar

The location and nature indicate a strong connection with the community, even though Terry’s career or involvement in the community is not explicitly mentioned. Terry’s local ties are reflected in the Sutton Legion located at 21 East Street in Sutton, Ontario. These veterans are often at the forefront of community service, veterans support, and local philanthropy. Terry’s involvement with this foundation reflects a man who is deeply committed to the welfare and progress of his community.

Celebrating Terry’s Legacy and Life

On December 11 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., the Sutton Legion will hold an event in Terry’s honor and pay tribute to all he has done in his life of love, patience and kindness.

Terry was renowned for his selflessness. This gesture indicates that instead of sending flowers as a tribute, donations should be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. These actions reveal a person who was dedicated to giving back and supporting positive causes. His character, empathy and desire to leave a lasting impression are still visible today.

final thoughts

Terry Robinson was not a household name, but his story has influenced many people. He is the epitome of everyday heroes – loving grandparents, loving fathers and supportive spouses. While his legacy is personal to him and his family, it is a reminder to us all of the true meaning of life: relationships, community bonds, selfless giving.

Terry Robinson is a shining example of a life lived in a world that often values ​​fame before real contribution. He had a great impact on many lives. Terry Robinson created a legacy that is inspiring and dedicated to those who work hard every day to better our planet – his story serves as an encouragement to anyone attempting to change it for the better. .

questions to ask

  1. Terry Robinson: Who was that?
    • Canadian Terry Robinson, who died in September 2023, was remembered as a family-oriented man.
  2. Is the Terry Robinson Memorial open to everyone?
    • A celebration of Terry’s life is planned for March 23, 2024 in Sutton Legion, Ontario.
  3. What can we do in honor of Terry Robinson?
    • The family would appreciate donations to the Canadian Cancer Society in lieu of flowers.
  4. What is Terry Robinson’s immediate family?
    • He is survived by his wife Lucy, his children Mike (Liz), Tina (Tim Bond), and five grandchildren.
  5. Where will Terry Robinson be remembered?
    • The Sutton Legion is hosting a celebration at 21 East Street in Sutton, Ontario from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.