The most valuable skins in history

Initially, computer games were developed so that players could enjoy, but now, it has developed into a separate industry. In the gaming industry, cosmetic items, including weapon skins, are of great importance. These skins change the graphics of the weapons and make them different. They are very popular in the gaming community. Some of these skins are available for thousands of rupees. It’s time to end your search for the most valuable skins in gaming history with this article.

Signed Dragon Lore AWP Skin

Obviously, the first skin on this list will be from Counter-Strike: Global Offense. There are many valuable skins in this game, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the Signed Dragon Lore skin is the most valuable skin. This skin is for AWP Sniper, and it was signed by Skadoodle. Because of this signature it sold for sixty thousand dollars. Skadoodle is a South American CSGO player known for headshots. At the time of the deal, the Signed Dragon Lore AWP was in factory-new condition, and was also customized with some stickers, so the price of the original skin was not confirmed. This is the only skin, so it will be sold at a better price in the future. View a large number of skins for popular games,

ethereal flames pink war dog

There are many war dogs in Dota 2, but the Ethereal Flames pink war dog is one of the most valuable skins in gaming history. Two reasons behind the popularity of this war dog skin are the rarity of the pink color as well as the limited supply. There are ten colors in Dota 2, and pink is not one of them, so any pink item will be rare. Additionally, ethereal flames are also difficult to get into the game and pink ethereal flames are a different story. Recently, a colorful Ethereal Flames war dog was sold for forty thousand dollars in a private listing. This is the most expensive item ever sold in the history of Dota 2.

olive branch pan

If you have ever played Players Unknown Battle Grounds or PUBG, you would know that the pan is considered to be the backbone of the game. The Olive Branch Pan is the most expensive version of this pan that you can buy from Steam for two thousand dollars.

galaxy skin

Fortnite was released only a few years ago, but it has become powerful among fans of battle royale games due to its gameplay and mechanics. Fortnite also includes several cosmetic items, such as skins, and the most expensive skin in the game is the Galaxy skin. You can get this skin from the Steam store for a thousand dollars. The Galaxy skin was the result of a collaboration between Galaxy Phone and Fortnite. Only those who purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone will be able to get the Galaxy skin in Fortnite.