UltraFiber Internet for Small Businesses: Boosting Connectivity and Efficiency

AltaFiber Internet is one of the best ISPs in the United States. It has high-speed fiber internet, incredibly reliable performance, and internet plans for everyone. This matches well with the digital revolution driven by the Internet all around us. Small businesses rank high on the list of beneficiaries of the Internet revolution. As you read on, we talk about why AltaFiber Internet is a great tool for any small business looking for efficiency and improvements.

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Reasons to Choose AltaFiber as a Small Business

Any business, whether big or small, needs a system. This system includes defined roles, logistics, finance, marketing etc. While a large business can take advantage of its vast resources to keep the machine running smoothly, small businesses need the right equipment to deliver the most value. AltaFiber Internet is a tool that empowers small businesses to grow, innovate, and scale their operations.

One might wonder why AltaFiber is the best internet for small businesses? Why is it like this:

ultrafast internet speed

High-speed Internet increases your operational efficiency. Wait times are reduced across the board for the company and the customer. Internet without lag allows you to have seamless workflow, data transfer and increased productivity. More work gets done in less time, due to which the business does not remain stable.

With cloud-based tools and project management software, it becomes easier to collaborate with other businesses and individuals. Tasks can be assigned, reports sent and received, orders tracked and resources shared easily. The Internet contains an ocean of information ranging from new business practices, quick solutions, learning materials and the potential to grow your business.

reliable, strong internet

AltaFiber Internet, formerly known as Cincinnati Bell, has been around for a long time. This has allowed them to build a company that delivers excellence across the board. An UltraFiber Internet customer will use a fiber-optic Internet connection for abundant bandwidth with zero downtime. With fiber optic cables thousands of miles long, you can be completely confident that you’ll have more than enough cables to go around.

That’s why AltaFiber is the best internet for small business. Reliable, smooth and strong internet. Combine this with the renowned AltaFiber customer service and your internet situations will be resolved.

Various internet plans to choose from

As a small business owner, AltaFiber seems like a great deal. They offer four internet packages that come with 400 Mbps internet, which goes up to 2 Gbps.

AltaFiber Plan Price Per Month Internet Speed

feoptix 400


400 Mbps

feoptix 800


800 Mbps

feoptix 1 giga


1 gbps

feoptix 2 gig



Given that there are AltaFiber internet plans for everyone, you are spoiled for choice. Even the base level package may meet all your needs and if not, there are three more options to choose from.

Choosing an ISP as a Small Business

For small businesses, it’s important to know what to look for when choosing an ISP. Here you need to keep the following things in mind:

Your current internet needs and requirements

There are different types of small businesses. Some require Internet only for administrative tasks such as correspondence and record keeping. Others require the Internet to run an entire business i.e. online retail store. Before choosing an AltaFiber Internet connection, audit your needs.

Budget available to you

Profit is the goal for any business and the cost of internet is considered an expense. Luckily, there is an AltaFiber internet plan for everyone that starts at $39.99 per month and maxes out at $79.99 per month. AltaFiber customer service can help you choose the right option for your business.

final thoughts

The best way to look at a business is as if it were a living organism. To maintain it and grow over time, it requires care and investment. Having an UltraFiber Internet connection is an investment in the present and future of your business. It will allow you to go where you haven’t gone before and achieve what you didn’t think was possible.

If you haven’t already, join the AltaFiber Internet family today. Call 855-591-2568 to learn more or sign up.