[Updated] MangaDex announces temporary closure

The unique story (from January 02, 2020) is as follows:

MangaDex, one of the giant scanlation venues, has reported its temporary closure via its official Twitter account. Mangadex will remain closed for 72 hours or about three days. As stated in the announcement, the main reason for the temporary closure is maintenance.

Manga readers and scanlators, who despise the site, have expressed dissatisfaction about the closure of MangaDex which will last for three days. In any case, this may be something to be thankful for as MangaDex has additionally reported a new feature administration change.

Currently, the MangaDex site is disconnected and the administrators of the site will give further information through their official Twitter account whenever the maintenance is completed.

MangaDex, a more ethical scanlation site?

Unlike most scanlation venues, MangaDex serves as a convenient site for scanlators to transfer their work. MangaDex has gone through a gift structure and is basically non-profit. Many manga readers, individual and group scanlators, condemn MangaDex because it understands the source of scanlations.

Interestingly, many Scanlations destinations work as aggregators, collecting content from other Scanlations without proper credit. They then make a profit from it through advertisements or by charging readers here and there to download content.

mangadex-scanlators problem

MangaDex may be well known among its customers, yet, it was not easy for MangaDex and other scanlators in general. Around June of 2019, various scanlators removed their sweeps from MangaDex. He blamed Mangadex for the possibility of cutting his salary through his sweeps.

This issue started when news of Mangadex being real came out.

Since gaining notoriety, many customers have condemned the webpage, deeming it an authentic manga site. This is mostly in light of the fact that more manga readers prefer better quality and more accurate content in Mangadex.

However, MangaDex maintained that the main reason behind removing scanlators from their feature site is dissatisfaction. Considering that this would certainly be a genuine manga understanding webpage, they would be forced to charge Scanlator for the support of the site.

What are the other options?

With Mangadex being closed for a short period of time, manga readers began looking for alternatives again. Manga became one of the fundamental properties for readers after the extremely durable conclusion of MangaStream and Geminibox dropping shonen hop titles.

Until further notice, our most favorite manga can be obtained through their official retailers like Viz Media, Manga Plus, ComicWalker, BookWalker, and Comixology. These are a part of the legal steps where we can read manga for free.

For those looking for scanlations, accessible locations include Mangasci, Mangakakalot, Manganelo, and Mangapanda. Finally, there are more scanlation destinations that can be easily accessed through searching for manga titles like One Piece.

Update 1 (Jan 06)

It’s a relief to be back on the web. In any case, there are some things that should be noted. Regardless, the site has undergone a relocation, so the more installed parts (those moved before the host change) will basically be inaccessible during this week.

Additionally, the gift plan is not available at the moment, but options are being explored. Additionally note, that due to the region change, user settings have been reset to default. Also, finally, this is what he had to say regarding transferring parts of the authority:

Update 2 (March 17, 2021)

As for an official statement regarding the issue, the issue has been confirmed by @MagaDex on Twitter. This is what he said:

Update 3 (March 17, 2021)

Help has returned. The explanation given by Mangadex is as follows:

Update 4 (March 21, 2021)

While there is no ETA for the repair, specialist cooperatives are attempting to alert their customers to fake destinations. Here’s what they had to say:

Update 5 (March 22, 2021)

MangaDex will remain disconnected for 2+ weeks or until the v5 version of the site goes live. This new site is being rebuilt without any prep work and will be delivered with only the basic elements. Check out every detail here.

Update 6 (April 08, 2021)

Mangadex has shared more details about the current status of v5 of the site in which it confirmed that the group has achieved significant progress. See full details here.

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