US to vote on TikTok ban, China warns move would amount to ‘slander’

As the US House of Representatives is considering a ban on popular social media platform TikTok, China has condemned the US move on the Chinese video app and termed the move as a “bullying act” by the US.

The House plans to vote on a bill that would give power to TikTok’s Chinese owner ByteDance will take about six months to sell the assets or face sanctions.

The divestiture of TikTok’s assets would require the company to sell its assets to a US company if it wants to continue operating in the US.

The popular short video app has over 170 million users in the US.

Reacting to the development, the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned the US about the vote on TikTok and called it an “act of bullying”.

“Even though the United States has not found evidence of how TikTok threatens its national security, it has never stopped pursuing TikTok,” Chinese government spokesman Wang Wenbin told CNN.

He said, “Ultimately this will have a negative impact on America itself.”

Wang also accused US officials of “resorting to acts of bullying” because they could not face fair competition.

He further said that the US action would disrupt market operations, undermine investor confidence and harm the global economic system.

US officials have expressed concerns over potential data security risks posed by Chinese ownership of TikTok. They fear that the Chinese government could access user data and exploit the platform for propaganda or misinformation purposes.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Tuesday the goal is to end Chinese ownership — not ban TikTok. “Do we want TikTok, as a platform, to be owned by an American company or owned by China? Do we want the data from TikTok – children’s data, adults’ data – to stay in the US, Are you going to China to live here or to live here?”

TikTok has criticized the bill, saying the ban would unfairly target the freedom of expression of millions of Americans.

TikTok CEO Shaw Zi Chew is set to visit Capitol Hill to speak with senators regarding the proposed legislation.

published by:

Sushim Mukul

Published on:

March 13, 2024