Video: 22-year-old woman falls off treadmill, then falls out of high-rise gym window to her death

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Emergency services rushed the woman to hospital, but she died from severe head injuries.

A tragic accident occurred at a gym in Pontianak, Indonesia, where a woman fell from a treadmill into an open third-floor window, resulting in her death.

A 22-year-old woman in Indonesia died after falling from a treadmill from a third-floor gym window in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The video of the tragic incident went viral on social media platforms.

In the horrifying incident captured on security camera footage, the young woman is seen exercising near a row of treadmills before she stumbles backwards towards an open window. According to police, she fell to the ground despite trying to grab the window frame. New York Post.

Emergency services rushed the woman to the hospital, but she died due to severe head injuries. The post-mortem revealed that she had several injuries and wounds on her body. According to reports, she had gone to the gym with her younger siblings and boyfriend.

According to some reports, the woman opted to use the treadmill on the top floor while her boyfriend suggested working out on the second floor. The accident happened just 30 minutes into her workout session.

The Criminal Investigation Unit of the Pontianak City Police has launched an investigation into the incident. Officers highlighted the dangerous proximity of the treadmill to the open window, which is believed to have caused the tragedy.

The gym apologized to the family of the deceased and temporarily closed operations for three days. The victim’s name has not been publicly released, but the tragic incident has raised concerns about safety measures in fitness facilities.