Video: How Israeli forces rescued hostages from Hamas captivity in Rafah

Israeli forces on Tuesday shared footage of a rescue operation to free two Israeli-Argentine hostages held by Hamas in Rafah. A rescue operation was conducted by the army on Monday.

The footage shows a special police unit rescuing 60-year-old Fernando Simon Marmon and 70-year-old Lewis Hair from Rafah, where about a million civilians have taken refuge from months of bombardment.

They were among 250 people captured by Hamas militants during the October 7 attack on Israel, which triggered Israel’s war on Gaza.

More than four months later, much of the densely populated land on the Mediterranean Sea is in ruins, with 28,340 Palestinians killed and 67,984 injured, according to Gaza health officials, while many more are feared buried under debris. Is.

According to the Israeli army, 31 hostages have died so far.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday’s rescue showed that military pressure must continue and that he ignored international alarm over the planned ground attack on Rafah.

In the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Palestine TV, the Palestinian Authority’s official television station, said 74 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli operation in Rafah.

published by:

Vani Mehrotra

Published on:

February 13, 2024

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