Video: Protesters break into Kenyan parliament, set part of the building on fire, anti-finance bill protests rock the country

A section of the Kenyan parliament building was set on fire during clashes between police and protesters in Nairobi. (Image: CitizenTVKenya/X)

The protesters were opposing controversial tax hike proposals, which have angered citizens.

A section of the Kenyan parliament building caught fire and clashes broke out between protesters and police outside the building in Nairobi as demonstrators protest controversial tax hike proposals.

A report by news agency ANI AFPCiting its reporters, the BBC reported that a portion of the Parliament building was on fire. Local news outlets such as citizentvkenya And star He said the protesters overpowered the police and broke through barricades to enter Parliament while MPs were debating tax hike proposals.

a separate report Reuters He said five people were killed in clashes between police and protesters.

Their report also said that the protesters pressured the police and pushed them away while trying to enter the Parliament premises. Videos going viral on social media show flames and smoke coming out from inside the Parliament.

When tear gas and water cannon failed to disperse the crowd, the police started firing.

The news agency quoted its journalist as saying that the journalist counted the bodies of at least five protesters outside parliament. Paramedic Vivian Achista said at least 10 people were shot dead. Paramedic Richard Ngumo said more than 50 people were injured in the firing.