Video shows Britain’s first laser weapon that can hit a coin from a kilometer away

The UK says Dragonfire is a cost-effective weapon.

Britain’s Defense Ministry on Monday released a video of the test of its first laser weapon. The high-powered laser, called “Dragonfire,” is designed to knock drones out of the sky. BBC, The ministry hopes that the test will pave the way for a low-cost alternative to missiles to shoot down targets like drones. According to the report, it further adds that the weapon is accurate enough to hit a coin from a kilometer away BBC,

watch the video:

The weapon was tested in the Herbrides Ranges in Scotland in January. Following the successful test, Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said the technology could “reduce reliance on expensive ammunition, while also reducing the risk of collateral damage”.

Dragonfire will be used by both the Army and Royal Navy as part of their future air defense capabilities.

According to a statement from the UK government, the cost of firing the laser for 10 seconds is only equivalent to using a heater for an hour, “typically less than Β£10 per shot”.

Britain’s Defense Ministry has not disclosed the maximum range of the weapon, but the military said it can “attack any visible target”.

The Independent quoted Paul Hollinshead, head of the UK Defense Science and Technology Laboratory, as saying, “These tests take us a major step forward in understanding the potential opportunities and threats posed by directed energy weapons.”

The UK has taken a major step forward in incorporating a laser weapon, which is being explored by the US, Germany and Israel to remove drones and missiles from the skies.

As drones are increasingly being used in warfare across the world, lasers are in demand, as was seen during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.