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For those learning the Japanese language or reading text in Japanese script, the concept of furigana can be a helpful and enlightening discovery. Furigana, also known as ruby ​​characters, are small annotations placed above or next to Japanese kanji characters that indicate their pronunciation in kana (hiragana or katakana). In this blog, we will learn what furigana is, its purpose, how it is used, and its importance in Japanese language learning and literature.

What is furigana?

Furigana (振り仮名) is a type of annotation used in Japanese written materials. These annotations provide phonetic readings for difficult, less common, or complex kanji characters. Furigana usually consists of hiragana characters written above or next to the relevant kanji, allowing readers to understand the pronunciation of words or characters.

Purpose of Furigana:

  1. aid in reading: Furigana serves as a reading aid, making it easier for readers to understand how to pronounce kanji characters, especially if they encounter unfamiliar or rarely used characters.
  2. language learning: Furigana is especially valuable for Japanese language learners, as it helps them practice reading kanji while providing immediate assistance with pronunciation.
  3. simple use: Furigana increases accessibility to a wider audience, including children and people with varying levels of Japanese proficiency.

How is Furigana used:

Furigana is commonly found in a variety of written materials, including:

  1. children’s books: Furigana are often used in children’s books, enabling young readers to learn and understand kanji characters while progressing their reading abilities.
  2. Manga and comicsManga: Japanese comics often include furigana to help readers understand the readings of unusual or specific kanji used in the story.
  3. language learning materials: textbooks, Dictionary:And language learning resources include furigana to help learners understand and pronounce kanji characters.
  4. Novels and Literature: Some novels, especially those targeted at younger or less advanced readers, may include furigana to make the text more accessible.
  5. Newspaper: Furigana is rarely used in newspapers, as they assume readers have a certain level of kanji proficiency. However, furigana can be used for clarification in less common cases.

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Importance of Furigana:

  1. learning support: Furigana is a valuable tool for Japanese language learners. It helps them gradually develop their kanji reading skills from recognizing basic characters to understanding more complex characters.
  2. increase in literacy: Furigana can improve overall literacy rates and reading comprehension, as they help readers understand words or characters they may have never encountered before.
  3. inclusivity: By providing furigana, written content becomes more inclusive and accessible to a wider range of readers, regardless of age or Japanese language proficiency.
  4. cultural exchange: Furigana can facilitate cultural exchange, making Japanese literature and media more accessible to global audiences.


Furigana is a powerful linguistic tool in the world of learning Japanese script and language. Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner of the Japanese language, or simply exploring Japanese literature and culture, Furigana can significantly enhance your reading experience. Its ability to make the complexities of kanji characters more accessible and understandable ensures that it continues to play an important role in the field of Japanese language and literature.

general question

What is the name of furigana?

Furigana (振ふり 仮名がな, Japanese pronunciation: [ɸɯɾigaꜜna] Or [ɸɯɾigana]) is a Japanese reading aid consisting of small kana (syllabic characters) printed above or next to kanji (logographic characters) or other characters to indicate their pronunciation. This is a type of Ruby text.

What is furigana used for?

Traditionally written in hiragana or katakana, furigana are annotations fulfilling a metalinguistic function, and are primarily used to give pronunciations of unknown or obscure kanji that readers may not recognize.

How do you fill out the furigana form?

The narrow furigana field is where you write the text of your name in hiragana or katakana. Here, you’ll see some small text saying “Furigana”. If this text is written ふりがな, you should read your name in hiragana. If your template calls for フриガナ, use katakana.

What is the difference between furigana and hiragana?

In some cases, syllabic hiragana characters are placed above the kanji to indicate pronunciation. When used for this purpose, hiragana is called furigana.

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