What is Kibho? How to earn money from Kibho Coin

Kibho coin is a cryptocurrency that has recently become popular in the Indian crypto market. This article will introduce you Kibho coin, Talk about the current market performance of the coin, and provide details for better understanding.

Kibho cryptocurrency

Kibho is an Indian government licensed platform. It has two official names: BMUU and Kibho Technologies Private Limited. The project received a license in India in May 2020. The company is based in Visakhapatnam, which is in Andhra Pradesh. Some directors run this platform. The names of its operators are Nirmala Kilaparthi and Venkatrao Kilaparthi.

The platform has launched a new cryptocurrency called Kibho. Currently, the crypto token is being traded at a price of INR1621.58. Crypto tokens are known for their volatility, meaning their value can change significantly over time. It also offers digital products such as K Wallet and Exchange.

company’s name BMUU and Kibho Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
registered address D.N.O. 39-33-99, Plot No. MIG-287, Phase-2, Madavadara, Vuda Colony
Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Pin Code-530018
Country India
director Venkata Rao Kilaparthi, Nirmala Kilaparthi
CIN U28999AP2020PTC114616
date of incorporation 28/05/2020
official website www.kibho.in [Kibho Login]
ROC code ROC-Vijayawada
registration number 114616

The platform is registered in India. If you want more information about registration of a company you can find detailed data from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India.

Kibho how to make money with cryptocurrency

To earn profits from Kibho cryptocurrency, visit the official website of the company and register. After completing the registration process, you can join the platform as a member. Creating an account on Kibho costs users only Rs 500. Consumers will have to identify themselves. Customers can add multiple people to their group after showing their identity and using the platform.

kibho Allows users to earn profits by referring more people to the platform. The business plan involves paying commission to users for bringing in new customers. Additionally, the company provides bonus income to customers through interest when the number of tokens in a user’s account increases. The value of cryptocurrencies like Kibho constantly changes depending on the overall market sentiment. When users sign up, they receive 2 coins. Users can exchange their earned tokens for INR.

As stated in the company’s terms and conditions, users must hold their tokens for 100 days. It is important to earn profit from the platform. This turns it into an investment system. After bringing in new users, the company requires consumers to retain the commission provided for a certain period of time. There are different benefits for male and female customers when opening a savings account at Kibho.

Women get 150 extra tokens, while men don’t get any. If you refer a new customer and they activate their account you will receive a commission. You can find the official website at www.kibho.in. Visit the website to open an account and explore new earning opportunities.

Kibho Business Plan

kibho Operates as an MLM company, so its business strategy is based on MLM. To earn maximum money from this coin, people will have to join their downline. Therefore, those who are successful can earn commission. The platform pays commissions in its own cryptocurrency called Kibho.

When you open an account with INR500 on Kibho, you will receive some coins regardless of gender. Both men and women will have to keep the token for 100 days. The platform also benefits consumers by helping them earn profits. By holding the coins they get a profit of 1.66% from the company.

Income from referrals and ad views

To earn referral income in Kibho, you need to create an ID. That’s it! A person’s income depends on their direct referrals and their level. If you refer someone to the platform and they activate their new account with Rs 500, you can earn commission.

You can have up to 25 levels of downline commissions. At level 1, you receive 30 tokens. When someone refers others to another level, they can earn 45 tokens. Using this method you can make profits up to 25 levels. You can earn money by watching ads on the platform.

If you visit the website regularly and open ads, you can earn 2 tokens. By just watching the company’s advertisement for a month and following the monthly income plan, one can easily earn 60 tokens.

Awards and Prizes

The platform gives rewards and rewards to its users. They depend on how well a person has done a job. It offers rewards to its platform and distributors to help them grow and earn income. People who activate 66 accounts get “Voucher 1” with the smartphone. At the next level, activating 132 accounts will get you “Voucher 2” including a bike. If a person activates 1584 account, he will receive “Voucher 3”. Which also includes a car.

whether fake or real

Upon careful examination, it is clear that the Kibho Coin website raises concerns about its legitimacy as a genuine company. Now, let’s explore all sides of the coin for an in-depth evaluation.

  1. The website needs to be well developed.
  2. Not active on social media
  3. Exciting Investment Opportunities
  4. decline in coin value
  5. money circulation plan
  6. Company dominance in commission
  7. lack of genuine investors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kibho Coin?

kibho coin BMU is a cryptocurrency created by Kibho Technologies Pvt. Ltd., an Indian government-licensed company. It offers digital products such as the platform’s wallet and exchange.

Who runs Kibho?

It is run by two directors, Nirmala Kilaparthy and Venkatrao Kilaparthy.

How can I make money with Kibho Coin?

Register on the company website, become a member and refer others to join to earn profits. The company offers a commission for every new customer you bring. Additionally, the company gives bonus income in interest as the number of tokens in your account increases.

What are the requirements for holding Kibho coins?

As per the terms and conditions of the company, users are required to hold their tokens for a maximum of 100 days. You have to wait for a certain period of time to earn money on the platform.

Are there any benefits for women on the Kibho platform?

Female customers get an additional 150 tokens, which male customers do not get.

What are Kibho’s plans for his business?

This is an MLM company. The business strategy focuses on motivating members to recruit more people and rewarding them with coins in the form of commission.

How can I make money from referrals and ad views on Kibho?

You can earn referral income when someone you directly referred creates a new ID on the platform. The amount of money you make is based on the level of the person you refer. You can also earn money by viewing ads on forums.

Does Kibho offer any awards or prizes?

It gives rewards and rewards based on one’s good performance. You can win prizes like smartphones, bikes or even cars by activating a specific number of accounts.

How do I login to Kibho?

To become a platform member, register on the company’s official website www.kibho.in. The registration fee is Rs 500.

last words

kibho coin Receives value. If some genuine investors are interested, your investment will remain the same for a long time. Additionally, the use of MLM strategies raises concerns about being a Ponzi scheme. These schemes depend on the constant recruitment of new members to keep their finances stable. However, this strategy may only be viable in the short term. By taking these steps you can save your money and time from possible risks and uncertainties.