Which options are best for long trips with family?

When planning a long-distance trip with family, the best option depends on a variety of factors including the size of your family, your budget, the distance to be covered, and your preferences. Here are some options to consider:

1. Private Vehicle (SUV or Van):


  • Offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to set your own schedule and stop in whenever you need.
  • Provides ample space for luggage, stroller and other family essentials.
  • Allows time to be added during travel.


  • Long drives can be tiring, so plan breaks and consider dividing the driving among family members.
  • Consider the comfort of the vehicle, especially if you’re traveling significant distances.

2. Rent a Private Jet or Helicopter:

Most of the people prefer helicopters, but some people who can afford it are now also looking for helicopter prices which vary as it depends on the seating and specifications.


  • Offers the fastest and most luxurious travel options with minimum travel time.
  • Offers privacy and the ability to customize the itinerary.
  • Avoids the hassles of commercial airports.


  • This can be quite expensive, especially for large families.
  • In some areas the availability of landing facilities for helicopters or private jets may be limited.

3. Commercial Flights:


  • Fast and efficient to cover long distances.
  • Wide availability of routes and programs.
  • Some airlines offer family-friendly amenities and services.

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  • Depending on the age of your children, air travel may require additional planning and preparation.
  • You must follow the airline schedule, which may also include stops.

4. Train Travel:


  • Offers a comfortable and beautiful option for long distance travel.
  • Allows greater mobility on board compared to airplanes.
  • Can be an entertaining and educational experience for children.


  • Travel time may be longer than air travel.
  • Availability and routes may vary depending on country or region.

5. Cruise or yacht,


  • Offers a unique travel experience with onboard amenities and activities.
  • Allows you to travel to multiple destinations without the need for additional transportation.
  • Traveling with family can be a relaxing way to travel.


  • Travel times may be longer, especially for international cruises.
  • -Itineraries and activities are determined by the cruise schedule.

6. Combination of Modes:

You can mix and match different modes of transportation to create a customized itinerary. For example, you might drive to a city with an airport, then take a commercial flight to your final destination.

Ultimately, the best option for long distance travel with your family will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and circumstances. It is a good idea to consider factors such as travel time, budget, convenience and the interests and ages of your family members when making your decision.