Who is Alix Earl’s ex-boyfriend and who has she dated?

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Alix Earl and her ex-boyfriend

Alix Earl, in a candid podcast episode, discussed the saddest relationships of the past year. Braxton Berrios, a professional NFL football player, is the girlfriend of this 23-year-old content creator. However, she had a relationship with Tyler Wade. Alix went viral when she admitted that she and Tyler would no longer be together at the end of 2022. Alix was labeled a “homebreaker” if she started getting close to Braxton after her split from Sofia Culpo. This was the first time he had spoken on the issue.

According to Alix, the drama began in late 2022 when she announced via live stream that she and Tyler (whom she called her “baseball boy”) were separating. The conversation was recorded on television, after which the videos went viral, leading to breakup stories. The report claims that Tyler’s unsupportive posts on Instagram about Alix were the primary reason for the breakup. This was not the case. Being in a relationship for a long time was toxic. I got to the point where I thought, “Oh, I didn’t see him posting about me.” we split up. “It was one of many things we disagreed about,” the woman said. It didn’t get serious, because we only dated for about three months.

She added, “He blames me for everything I’ve done.” He didn’t help me much, especially in matters related to social networking. Alix also cited further issues about their relationship, saying that he did not want to go on dates with Alix’s friends and that he was interested in photos of celebrities and models on social networks. They began reuniting rumors in the New Year, but their relationship ended. Alix met Braxton in February 2023 and called him an NFL gentleman. Both of them were present at the Super Bowl party.